New pilot tests diabetes patients’ virtual appointments

As a part of the Connected for Health project, a new pilot testing virtual appointments for diabetes patients has started within the South Ostrobothnia Health Care District. During the pilot, a group of 20 patients from Kuusiokunnat region is provided with a possibility to participate nurse appointments virtually for example from home via computer instead of travelling to Seinäjoki Central Hospital for regular face-to-face appointments. As tools, the pilot utilizes Anvia’s Vidyo service for video calls and virtual appointments and Hyvis portal’s data secure information delivery for delivering the follow-up monitoring results from patients to the nurse. The nurse gathers the follow-up data in advance, and then invites the patient to a virtual appointment through Vidyo service.

Piloting continues until the end of February 2016. If the new process is proven useful, the virtual appointments are likely to continue also after the pilot period as part of the regular care process.