Nordic Telemedicine Center was opened in Mediwest 21.9.2016

The Nordic Telemedicine center opened its doors in Mediwest on 21.9.2016. During the opening day, an open house event was arranged with the center’s functions being demonstrated to visitors, including e.g. various assisted living technologies and other telemedicine solutions. Co-operation with partners from Umeå was demonstrated via virtual connection, through which visitors could see and hear how heart sound as well as skin and ear camera images could be delivered over the Gulf of Bothnia in real time. In addition, Joel Karjalainen from Elisa was present and provided information about Elisa’s distance measurement solutions.

Altogether the Telemedicine center had about 130 visitors during the opening day. The day was successful and the center received a lot of positive attention. Many visitors commented that such a center had been expected, and already before the opening, the center had received positive attention e.g. among people who work with memory impaired patients.

The telemedicine center is located in the Mediwest building on the 2nd floor right next to Eptek’s office. In order to visit the center please contact us in advance either by phone 050- 574 7626 or by email

The Telemedicine center has been built as a part of the Interreg Botnia-Atlantica funded project Nordic Telemedicine Center.

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