Nordic Telemedicine Center


1.9.2015 – 31.8.2018


Nordic Telemedicine Center (NTC) is an innovation project coordinated under EU’s Botnia Atlantica programme. The project is carried out by EPTEK and University of Vaasa in Finland, and by Västerbotten County Council (project leader) and University of Umeå in Sweden.

Project’s aim is to establish a Nordic telemedicine competence center in co-operation between the Finnish and Swedish partners. Competence center’s physical contact points will be opened in Seinäjoki (Finland) and in Umeå (Sweden). Additionally, a virtual node will be built to connect the two countries.

The competence center will offer eHealth expertise and services to health and social care professionals, citizens and companies in the region. Co-operation between companies and end users in developing new eHealth solutions and in utilising available services will be enhanced through the virtual platform. During the project, various eHealth services and solution will be tested in the center.

Furthermore, project partners will survey the needs for eHealth education and training services. As a result, new eHealth courses and training will be designed and targeted to different user groups. One of the aims is to design a sustainability plan for the center in order to guarantee its existence also after the project period.

Nordic Telemedicine Center project is funded by the Botnia Atlantica programme. In Finland, part of the financing comes from the Regional council of Ostrobothnia, and in Sweden from Region Västerbotten.

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For more information, contact:

Sami Perälä
Executive director
South Ostrobothnia Health Technology Development Center